LED panel light IP represents Ingress Protection, which is composed by IEC (INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONICAL COMMISSION) and also is an essential index for safety defense of electrical equipment. Merely speaking, IP ranking divides the dustproof and water resistant efficiency of an item.

For instance, the security degree of Billionaire lighting factory waterproof LED panel light is IP68, the very first number stands for the product's variety of anti-dust, standing for the degree of security against solid foreign objects; the second number stands for the level of confinement of the home appliance against moisture and water immersion. The larger these 2 numbers, the greater the level of dust and water resistance.

For https://www.billionaireled.com/index.html , the numbers in turn stand for the adhering to significances.

0: Unprotected, no unique defense.
1: Protection versus infiltration by objects larger than 50mm.
2: Defense versus penetration of things larger than 12 mm.
3: stop complete penetration of anything bigger than 2.5 mm.
4: Security versus infiltration of objects bigger than 1.0 mm.
5: Dustproof, which does not totally protect against the access of dirt, however the amount of access will not impact regular electrical operation.
6: Dustproof and totally shielded from dirt intrusion.

For the waterproofing course, the numbers subsequently suggest the following.

0: Unprotected, no special protection.
1: Defense versus trickling breach as well as upright dripping of water.
2: Stops drip ingress even at a disposition of 15 levels.
3: Protection from water ingress by spray.
4: Defense from splash water breach.
5: Secure versus water invasion from huge waves.
6: Protection against water intrusion from big waves.
7: Prevention of invasive water intrusion.
8: Avoid the results of sinking.
led panel light level waterproof

The IP score of usual downlights and panel lights in the current market is IP20, which is a very fundamental security level (dustproof level 2, waterproof level 0). The water resistant LED panel light from Billionaire lights has an IP68 defense rating, which means it is dustproof quality 6 as well as water resistant quality 8, with excellent defense performance and can be flawlessly used in shower rooms, cooking areas, bathrooms, interior swimming pools and also various other scenes.